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The Origin of the Logo
The logo

The University thanks Professor Pasquale Tucci, Professor of the History of Physics for the University logo. Prof. Tucci's studies were presented to Marcello Fontanesi, then President of the Mathematics, Physics and Natural Science Faculty before being nominated President of the "Comitato Ordinatore" (Founding Committee). The symbol is meant to evoke the spirit of change in continuity whilst, at the same time, being simple and innovative in comparison to academic symbols used in the past.


The search for a symbol to combine the concepts of "knowledge" and "Milan" led inevitably to Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance man, par excellance, who lived and worked in Milan, and who represents the synthesis of science, art and technology.
From the "De Divina Proportione", a study of the geometry of forms, written in 1498 with the mathematician Luca Pacioli, the octahedron was chosen to represent the multi-disciplines of the Bicocca. It beautifully symbolizes the eight Faculties of the Bicocca.

The da Vinci drawing was smoothed of its intermediate lines and lightly modified in order to enhance the aspect of geometrical creation.

The drawing is surrounded by the name of the University. In larger reproductions (posters, folders and flags) "AUDENTES FORTUNA IUVAT" (fortune favors the bold) is inserted on the smaller side of the logo.

A brief description in a "Flash" format illustrates the above.

Janus with two faces is used for commemorative medals of the university.

Edited by Settore Affari Internazionali

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