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Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences
LM 51 - Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences (AEPS)

Department of Psychology, Ed. U6, PIazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo 1, 20126 Milano

General information

The course program is in English

Duration: 2 years

ECTS: 120

Admission: Application requires certain specific academic qualifications and personal preparation as specified by the Program Rules (art.5 and 6) and in accordance with the call for application. 

Please note that currently only the Italian version is available (Regolamento didattico).

Attendance: Attendance is required for lab classes and strongly encouraged for all other teaching activities.



Program Rules

The document “Program rules” includes specific information learning objectives, professional profiles, entry requirements, courses structure and much more. It is avaliable both in Italian and English. 

Learning Objectives

This new  2-year Master’s degree programme focuses on how a basic and advanced knowledge in psychological sciences can be fruitfully applied to address relevant needs and tackle diverse issues in a range of contexts and domains. The goal of the programme is to teach cutting-edge perspectives on the cognitive, social, emotional, and neural processes underlying human thought, behaviour, language, knowledge, and decision-making. AEPS graduates will acquire advanced general knowledge, strong transferrable methodological research skills, and a specific focus of application of these skills, combining flexibility (e.g., the methodological research skills can be applied to a wide range of issues) and specificity  (e.g.,  they are applied to a specific issue during the course of the degree). This expertise will open a range of possible career paths both in the private and in the public sector, including the national and international academic domain.

For more information see Program Rules - art. 3.

Professional Profile

The Master in Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences (AEPS) cuts across different psychological domains and it is specifically focused on learning and devising psychological interventions applying sound psychological principles across specific domains and it offers a professional profile in behavioral and psychological science applied expert, in line with recent worldwide developments of the psychological profession.

 For more information see Program Rules - art. 4.

Teaching Plan

For information on courses and teaching activities see Program Rules – art. 7. 


For information see Fees 

ContactsContacts • Servizio Orientamento Studenti (Student Orientation Service) - S.O.S. • Course Director: tbd • Segreteria Didattica (Psychology Master Office): • Segreteria Studenti (Psychology Admission Office):

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